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Prof. David Widdowson

In 2015 we celebrate a significant milestone in the development of Customs as a recognised area of academic pursuit – the tenth anniversary of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU).

Since its inception ten years ago, the principal objective of the INCU has been to raise the academic standing of the customs profession. During the intervening period, the INCU has worked closely with universities, academics, the World Customs Organization (WCO), World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international organisations to provide opportunities for debating matters of mutual interest to customs administrations, academia and the private sector.

March/April 2015
(Current issue)

The INCU has emerged as an extremely relevant network, and remains at the forefront of academic research and development in its field. This includes its active involvement in the most significant work impacting on the customs profession that has been undertaken in recent times, that is, the agreement reached by WTO members on the global trade facilitation agenda, to which it has been an active contributor since 2007. In recognition of its tenth anniversary, a number of the significant milestones achieved by the INCU are recognised in Section 3 of this edition of the World Customs Journal.

Also presented in this edition are further studies in the field of excise, a review of the new European Union (EU) regulation on trade in counterfeit goods, a number of informative practitioner contributions, and a timely examination of the critical role played by customs authorities in disaster recovery situations. This article, by Rebecca Turner, is of particular relevance in the wake of the recent tragedy in Nepal.

On behalf of the editorial committee, I would like to congratulate the INCU on its tenth anniversary. I trust that our readers will continue to benefit from its achievements, including its flagship publication, the World Customs Journal, as we collectively progress our endeavours in customs academic research and development.


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